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Sweet wine yeast(20 bags)

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Sweet wine yeast yeast with probiotics [Product Name] Sweet Rice Wine Yeast [Ingredients] Rice flour, Rhizopus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus  [Expiration date] 18 months [Storage Condition]  Cool, dark place away from moisture [Product Standard No.] Q/XSASW 0001S [Production License Number] SC10632028100205cool and yummy more stable fermentation Add probiotics to combat  bacteria in the brewing processcool and yummy The entrance is not pungent Powdered wine yeast ready to use after stirringChoose your own raw  materials and rest assuredSeparate bacteria are individually packaged to refuse contaminaSoak sticky rice Wash sticky rice 1KG, Soak in cold water for 4-8 hours, Soak until rice can be crushed by fingers. Steam rice and cool it Steam or boil sticky rice Then cool it to below 30℃Add rice wine yeast Spread 1 bag of sweet wine yeast into sticky rice Add 200g cold water and stir well Then make a small hole in the middle of rice Cover rice for fermentation  Cover a plastic wrap on container then forment rice in 25-30℃ for 2 days You better put it in your room temperature 2 days later, you can enjoy sweet wine, that is Great!