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Lactic acid bacteria Kimchi bacteria(10 bags)

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Northeast Sauerkraut

Commonly used vegetables: mustard greens, Chinese cabbage

1. Wash the vegetables clean, can be chopped or not chopped

2. Put the vegetables in boiling water and cook until they change color (within 2 minutes)

3. Put the vegetables in a clean container, add an appropriate amount of salt (additional amount of salt is optional
That's it, you can add about 4% of the amount of water, for example, add 1L of water to add 40g of salt

4. Use a small amount of mineral water to dissolve the kimchi fermentation bacteria into fermentation bacteria liquid (per 1 pack
About 1 kg of fermented vegetables)

5. Pour mineral water and fermentation bacteria liquid into the fermentation container, and the mineral water is submerged
Sealed and fermented vegetables for about 2 days

①Don’t let the vegetables surface, it is easy to produce white foam, you can use it horizontally
Chopsticks press down the vegetables, or use other cutlery to press down.
②You can remove part of the moisture of the vegetables before cooking to make the vegetables more crisp.
③The containers for cooking vegetables and kimchi should not be stained with oil

Korean kimchi

Commonly used vegetables:
Chinese cabbage, white radish

1. Wash the vegetables well, cut them well, and salt them with edible salt for more than 2 hours
(Just stick the salt evenly on the inside and outside of the vegetables, the longer the marinade, the more crispy it will be
Accelerate by loading heavy objects, and cover with plastic wrap or lid)

2. Make kimchi sauce (see the method below or make your own ratio)

3. Squeeze the salted vegetables out of water, put them into a clean container, and cool down
Mixed kimchi sauce and kimchi fermentation bacteria (1 kg of fermented vegetables per package)

4. Sealed and fermented at room temperature for 1 to 2 days, then put it in the refrigerator for storage

Sichuan kimchi

Commonly used vegetables:
Chinese cabbage, radish, cucumber, cabbage, beans, celery, garlic,
Young ginger, onion, chili

1. Clean the vegetables and cut into strips, dry the surface water or use edible salt
Salt for 30 minutes (just stick the salt evenly on the inside and outside of the vegetables)

2. Use high-level liquor to sterilize the fermentation container

3. Boil water to make kimchi water, add salt and sugar (you don’t need it after the vegetables are salted
Added salt, add 40g salt, 40g sugar for every 1 liter of water, you can choose to add
Appropriate amount of cinnamon bark, star anise, bay leaf, Chinese pepper, cold water can also be used directly)
Cool the kimchi water to room temperature

4. Put the processed vegetables into the fermentation container, and pour the kimchi fermentation bacteria
(About 1 kg of fermented vegetables per 1 package), pour in cold kimchi water and submerge

5. Sealed and fermented at room temperature for 1~2 days or more, and the taste is right.