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Gluconate lactone powder(10 bags)

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6 Steps to make the soybean

1.Soak 150g of dry soybeans for 6~8 hours (50g dry soybeans can be measured in the circle on the top of the tofu mold, and the amount is 150g for three times,perfectly more than less)
2.Put the soybeans and pour water (1300ml-1400ml) into the soymilk machine or juicer to make soymilk (use the juice function No need to cook)
3.Use a filter cloth to filter the dregs of tofu.ifl the dregs is too much then filter again.
4.made the soy milk done (the soy milk will boiling at 80°C. After boiled, you need to continue to cook for 5-6 minutes before it is done). Turn off the heat and cover with a lid and
keep it warm for 2 minutes.
5.During the heat preservation period, put the tofu king (gluconolactone) into a big container, and add a little cold drinking water to stir to dissolve
6.Pour the hot soy milk that has been kept warm for 2 minutes into the container of the tofu king in step 5, and cover with perservative film to keep it warm than wait for 15 minute.


1. If you use a juicer or soymilk machine, please use the juice function to make soybeans and water into pulp, then filter the bean dregs and then cook it. It is not convenient to filter the soy milk after it is cooked.
2. Recommended ratio: 150g dry soybeans, 1400ML water, 3g tofu king.
3. Soy milk starts to boil at 80°℃, but it is still immature. After the soy milk has boiled, it needs to continue
to cook for 5-6 minutes before it is fully cooked.
4. After the soy milk is cooked, it should be cooled to 85~90℃. According to the actual measurement, the soy milk
can be done after being cover the lid and cooled for 2 minutes. If the temperature is low than 85℃, it will not solidify.
5. Do not dissolve the king tofu early, and dissolve it with a little cold drinking water when the
soybean milk is cooled, otherwise it will not solidify.
6. Do not stir the mixer of cooked soy milk and the tofu king, you can filter the surface froth.